Panevo ALPHA Meter (Coming Soon)

  • Data collection: 9 x flexible inputs to measure amps (with industry standard CTs), analogue or pulse signals
  • Connectivity: LAN/WiFi/LoRaWAN
  • Communications: Onboard memory buffers data for export via HTTP(S) or FTP(S)
  • Logging: Perform data logging campaigns via SD Card storage slot
  • Data formats: CSV, XLS & SQL
  • Power options: LAN / USB / Power Harvesting, with onboard battery providing 10 days of power
  • Channel status and troubleshooting alert LEDs
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Panevo ALPHA Meter


Panevo Energy Management Services

Effortless Installation

Simple interface, quick configuration, multiple power options and no dedicated gateway required.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Robust Operation

Internal battery provides 10 days of power for uninterrupted operation, while data dropout rules minimize errors.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Flexible Export

Data is easily transferred to hosted software, local databases or onboard memory card.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Secure Connection

Information is encrypted and transferred  using a secure Wi-Fi or LAN connection.

Panevo Data Gateway

Coming Soon!