ioTORQ™ for Utility Bill Management

ioTORQ™ Utility Bill Management

Our ioTORQ™ platform provides a complete and centralized view of your utility bills. We automatically collect bills from a wide range of utilities, such as:  Electricity, gas, water, waste and telecom.  We deploy proprietary algorithms and compare bill data, meter readings and rates to automatically detect billing errors and maximize your savings potential.

Panevo Energy Management Services ioTORQ


Panevo Energy Management Services

Bill Consolidation

Collect and monitor billing information related to electricity, gas, water, telecom & waste, across your entire organization.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Advanced Analytics

Our bill validation system performs hundreds of checks to detect overcharging, determine cost drivers and identify saving opportunities.

Panevo Energy Management Services

Customizable Reporting

Operate insightful and bespoke reports with our flexible reporting and dashboard system, tailored to meet your organization’s needs.